Chiclayo, Peru temperature maximums in 3D One of the most disruptive climate cycles is El Niño, which is a warm and rainy period that occurs roughly every four years. Intervals between two to seven years are common. El Niño is caused by changing ocean currents off the Pacific coast of central South America. Locally, it… Read More

The oldest weather station in GHCN-daily, which is the data set used at Climate Binge, is the Brera Astronomical Observatory in Milan, in northern Italy. The data for the weather station begins in 1763, when the observatory was under construction. You can view the Milan data in the app here . The next oldest weather station… Read More

I wouldn’t want to call this feature creep, because I have been wanting to enable data smoothing in the web app from the beginning. I was even using it in Excel, before I made it into a web app. Data smoothing is helpful because it removes noise, making the picture more clear, making it easier… Read More

Gunnison, Colorado is a Rocky Mountain town that gets cold in the winter. Best of all, it has a weather station that has been operated since 1892, which is very old for a weather station, since most weather stations were not installed before 1950. The following chart shows temperature maximums for the entire history of… Read More

I was excited when I got my charting tool working, and I immediately started exploring the globe. Somehow I ended up in Guadeloupe, which is an archipelago of islands in the Carribean. One of the weather stations there was established in 1951 and continuously operated through at least 2000. It produces a chart that shows… Read More