People are encountering new challenges during the pandemic, like video meetings. Just think of how many times during a meeting you have to remind each other to “unmute.” Consequently, the word started coming up more frequently in Google at the beginning of the pandemic, as seen in the chart.… Read More

3D chart of DogeCoin price

View 3D charts of your favorite cryptocurrencies, showing the time, day, and price on different axes… Read More

What could possibly be better to see than an upward trending spark chart? How about one in 3D? With this financial charting tool, you get a year-to-year comparison of daily stock performance charts. There are 252 trading days on the x-axis for each year, and 20 years on the y-axis, resulting in a three-dimensional surface… Read More

What could possibly be as exciting as weather history? Space weather history! Space weather is partly caused by activity on the surface of the sun, such as sun spots. The solar cycle is quite reliable, occurring typically once every 11 years. The following NASA chart illustrates the number of sunspots that occur each month. The… Read More

Excess mortality is a statistic that shows how many more people are dying than usual. What does excess mortality look like from a 3D point of view? We’ve all seen the charts of deaths rising and falling during the pandemic, but they don’t always show what is going on in context. Looking at the data… Read More

Have a look at the annual and daily precipitation of Wapato, a town located on the Yakama Indian Reservation. It is an agricultural community that specializes in apples and potatoes. Farming there relies on irrigation because the climate is arid. Rain falls only 38 days a year on average, and of those days only 29… Read More

The west coast of the United States had a heat spell in June of 2021, breaking a number of records. Some weather stations on the west side of the Cascade Mountains recorded temperature highs of 116°F.… Read More

Guadeloupe temperature maximums between 1950 and 2020 This chart may take 15 seconds to load, but if you’re willing to wait, you will get to see a good example of the way that interactive charts can be produced inside a blog entry.… Read More

Climate Binge is a weather charting tool that draws data from the Global Historical Climatology Network of land weather stations, and one of the member stations is in Battle Ground. The lowest and highest temperatures recorded at the Battle Ground station are -11°F and 107.1°F. Extreme temperatures Min -11.0°F 1/31/1950 Max 107.1°F 7/20/1956 Extreme temperatures… Read More

This chart shows the daily temperatures minimum between 1959 and 2020 in Ylistaro, Finland. The information presented in the chart has three dimensions: year, calendar date, and temperature. The data has been smoothed in order to reveal patterns and trends, and days with missing values are interpolated. The contour map version of the chart has… Read More