Have a look at the annual and daily precipitation of Wapato, a town located on the Yakama Indian Reservation. It is an agricultural community that specializes in apples and potatoes. Farming there relies on irrigation because the climate is arid. Rain falls only 38 days a year on average, and of those days only 29… Read More

The west coast of the United States had a heat spell in June of 2021, breaking a number of records. Some weather stations on the west side of the Cascade Mountains recorded temperature highs of 116°F.… Read More

Guadeloupe temperature maximums between 1950 and 2020 This chart may take 15 seconds to load, but if you’re willing to wait, you will get to see a good example of the way that interactive charts can be produced inside a blog entry.… Read More

Climate Binge is a weather charting tool that draws data from the Global Historical Climatology Network of land weather stations, and one of the member stations is in Battle Ground. The lowest and highest temperatures recorded at the Battle Ground station are -11°F and 107.1°F. Extreme temperatures Min -11.0°F 1/31/1950 Max 107.1°F 7/20/1956 Extreme temperatures… Read More

This chart shows the daily temperatures minimum between 1959 and 2020 in Ylistaro, Finland. The information presented in the chart has three dimensions: year, calendar date, and temperature. The data has been smoothed in order to reveal patterns and trends, and days with missing values are interpolated. The contour map version of the chart has… Read More

A chart showing daily temperature maximums in Death Valley between 1910 and 1961, and highlighting January 10, 1913, when it was 134.1°F.

Death Valley is among the hottest places, if not the hottest place, on earth. On July 10, 1913, the mercury hit 134.1°F, or 56.7°C. Go to Climate Binge to make 3D surface plots of your own location!… Read More

The coldest recorded temperature in Finland, -51.5°C, or -60.7°F, is in the village of Pokka, in Kittilä, and it is recorded on January 28, 1999. You’ll notice that the surface plot is viewed from below. This is because you have to look at it from underneath in order to see the inverted spikes that indicate… Read More

Katso myös alla olevan pistekaavio, missä on eri menetelmä kuvaa samoja tietoja. Suomen alin lämpötila, -51.5°C, on mitattu Kittilän Pokan kylässä 28.1.1999. Katso kuvaajan interaktiivinen versio, ja tee uusia kuvaajien lähellä olevista sääasemista.… Read More

When I was working on the financial audit of a charitable organization, I gained inspiration to look at the seasonal dimension of data. They showed me how they had been tracking month-to-month contributions throughout the year. Their contributions would spike at Christmas time, because that’s when people give the most money to charities. Most of… Read More

It has been interesting trying to chart out climate trends the way I want. I couldn’t find the kind of surface plots that I was looking for on the Internet. You can always find information about local climate, and some websites will even show an annual temperature curve, but if you want anything beyond that,… Read More