Do you remember that one winter storm when you were a kid, when three feet of snow fell in one day? Even if you can’t remember the date exactly, you can look for it in a Climate Binge chart. Just look up your location on the map and create a new chart. You will be able to see which year was so cold, and the interactive chart will also help you to pinpoint what day it was.

Guadeloupe max temps with data smoothing

Sometimes climate trends can be seen in Climate Binge charts. Any citizen scientist can make a chart on Climate Binge, and draw their own conclusions about climate trends where they live. Above is an example chart produced for the weather station on one of the islands in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean. Below is an interactive version of the chart, where you can zoom in and out and find individual daily temperature readings.

The next chart is the same as the previous, but in three dimensions. It can also be interactively analyzed, and also zoomed and rotated.

Also have a look at this distribution plot. It shows the same data, but it is a scatter plot with color-coded frequency marks. It shows how frequently temperatures occur on any given calendar date. It is also interactive, and it is possible to use the crosshair tool to find exact dates and exact temperature readings.

Head on over to the charting tool and try it out! The bigger the screen you have, the better, because the charts produced are highly detailed. Give it half a minute to load, and then explore the chart with the crosshair tool to identify those special days that you remember about the weather. If you are a professional climatologist, you will also appreciate the web app, because it is a data visualization tool that reveals trends and patterns without sacrificing granularity.